About Us:

We met at an awkward industry shin-dig and instantly started chatting about all the important things in life: good husbands, bad photos, and the way Flax Art Supply can turn us on. Two days later we started what was basically the business equivalent of a whirlwind romance.

We second-shot for each other on a few weddings-really just for fun-but quickly concluded we could never go back to working alone. Robyn’s sensitivity to all the little things, and Maria’s eye for fashion and joy was a combination that just worked! Verité was born.

That was seven years ago and ever since then we have been shooting together, challenging each other, making fun of each other, and creating wedding collections that are so pretty you just might pee your pants.

There are a few things you should know:

  • Probably most important, when “Billy Jean” plays at your reception, we (by contract) get to put down the cameras and dance. We look forward to dancing with you guys!
  • We really love love. Love shows its self in so many forms on a wedding day; photographing those moments is what floats our boat and keeps us coming back for more.
  • We have both been married to our spouses for almost 15 years and we think marriage is pretty great.
  • We take a while working on the images. We like to think of it as perfectionism, but neuroticism is probably more accurate. Our o.c.demons demand we make a perfect complete collection (and not just a pretty set of 40 for the blog).
  • We believe that genuine is the best kind of perfect. Every time, all the time.
  • Maria is Robyn’s biggest fan.
  • Robyn thinks Maria is a drop dead gorgeous genius.

Some Frequently Asked Questions

(or just questions we think you should ask, so we answered them for you.)

Why should I hire two photographers?

Because you get two perspectives- the editorial, and the documentary, the family heirloom shots and the flower shots, the what is happening and the how it feels.

And because you can have us in two places at once. Maria can be photographing the bride getting dressed while Robyn is documenting the flower girl trying on her mom’s bra. One of us can photograph the bridesmaids, the other the groomsmen. One of us your father’s toast, the other your reaction to it . . .

And because it lets each one of us focus on the parts we love best.

How much are you guys?

We’ll send you something pretty with all the details when we hear from you but for now, we start around $4000 for one of us, $6000 for both.

Do you shoot film or digital?

We’re high-tech girls! . . . well one of us is anyway. The other one asks a lot of questions when she’s in front of the computer, but yeah- we’re digital. (Although, both of us are pretty snobby about the fact that we learned our craft in film, back in the day, and have spent countless hours inhaling the sweet fumes of fixer).

How many pictures do you take?

Robyn can’t count that high, but Maria estimates it’s somewhere in the Bazillions… but Maria also exaggerates. The number of images you actually end up with depends on whether you have hired one or both of us, and for what amount of time.

Generally speaking, anywhere from 300-900 images

What sort of albums do you offer?

Big ones. Little ones. Silky ones. Matted ones. Coffee Table ones. All wonderful.

We’re pretty picky about our books and choose to work with only the best bookmakers in the country.

Do you photograph events that aren’t weddings?


We photograph Engagement Sessions, InLove Sessions, Boudoir, as well as Private Parties and Bar/Bat Mitzvahs.

We both have portrait businesses independent of Verité which you can check out here and here.

Do you ladies travel?

YES! From Napa to Monterey we are good to go! Beyond that, let’s talk about it!

How do we hire you?

Call or email us and we can set up a date at our Union Street studio. We love to meet in person to get to know you as a couple- to hear more about your wedding day plans and to share more of our work and approach. It’s important to us that you not only love our work but that you love us . . . or at least like us, a lot. (We’re with you for a long time on that wedding day! If we aren’t the right fit, we have tons of friends we can refer you to). Also, this little meeting is a great excuse for us to eat some cakepops and sip a glass of vino (which we usually share).

Why are you ladies so pretty?

we know, right?!?

We Look Forward To Meeting You!